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Tips for Visiting Europe: Belgium

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Title : Tips for Visiting Europe: Belgium
link : Tips for Visiting Europe: Belgium

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Tips for Visiting Europe: Belgium

Tips for Visiting Europe: Belgium


The State's History

The country of Belgium can be found in Western Europe. The Ardennes Forest covers much of the area in the southeast, while the coastal plains to the north are generally flat. The official languages of Belgium are Dutch, Flemish, French, and German, with Dutch as the most generally talked. In this area, the weather tends to stay the same throughout the year. The hottest months are from April through September. Otherwise, the weather is humid and the sky is cloudy, so raincoats and umbrellas are essential attire. As a result, if one plans to visit during the rainy season, one must ensure that adequate protection is in place, as this is a coastal area. You can dial either 100 or 112.


Belgians are known for their fluency in English and will go out of their way to communicate with visitors in their native tongue. If you're being invited to dinner, don't forget to bring a small gift or at the very least flowers. When you're invited to a party, the attire you should dress up will be specified in the greeting. Having a cigarette in a public place is perfectly fine.


The important shopping areas are in Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Ostend, Namur, Mons, Liège, Ghent, and Mechelen. Dinant ceramics and hand-beaten copperware; Bruges laces; Val Saint Lambert crystals; Spa woodcarving; and Belgian chocolate are some of the country's best-known products. Diamonds from Antwerp are in high demand in the jewelry industry.

Tips for Visiting Europe: Belgium

Going to a Restaurant

Horse and rabbit meat dishes are the norm at most restaurants. Although a broad variety of ethnic cuisines are available, the most well-known are frites and mayonnaise and mitraillette, a huge bun filled with fries, donair meat, and garlic sauce. Vegetarians can request a donair meat alternative made with tofu or other vegetarian protein of your choice. When going out to dine, it is traditional to leave a tip in addition to the service charge. If you're going to the movies, consider leaving the ushers a 0.50 tip and the public restrooms a 0.25 tip.

Tips for Visiting Europe: Belgium


Voltage and frequency are both 230 volts.


Delta Air Lines just launched SN Brussels Airlines, a new European carrier. It travels to over 58 different cities across Europe and the rest of the world. A 35-minute drive from the Brussels Zayentem airport to the city center takes visitors twelve kilometers and 35 minutes, respectively. Duty-free stores, auto parking, taxi booking, car rental, banks, post office, restaurants, and medical care are all available at the airport. Passengers can use the ship's fax and Internet connections. Brussels North, Central, and South are all served by the Airport City Express train. There is a regular bus service from the airport, and taxis are also available outside the arrivals hall for those who prefer. Taxi drivers expect to be tipped, and this is customary. Every 15 minutes, the train arrives.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport is a 46-kilometer drive from Brussels and a 5-kilometer drive from Charleroi. In this region, Ryan air is the primary carrier and offers inexpensive flights to and from a number of European locations, including Charleroi. There are bus and train services, a cafe, car rental, and duty-free shopping available.

Ostend airport is 5 km away from the city and auto parking, car hiring, duty free stores, and restaurants are supplied here.

The city's airport, Antwerp, is only two kilometers away. Every few minutes, a bus plows its way to Brussels' Central Station.

The city of Liege is five kilometers away. Here, buses arrive and depart at regular intervals.

It costs 20,93 euros to fly out of Brussels Zayentem, 3,49 euros to fly out of Brussels South Charleroi, 10, and 7 euros to fly out of Ostend, Antwerp, and Liege.

Thalys runs a network of high-speed trains between Belgium and France, with stops at Bordeaux, Chambly, Cannes, Marseille, Lyon, Nice, Valence, Perpignan, and Rennes, all of which can be reached from Brussels. These trains are only available with advanced reservations. It is possible to travel to countries such as Andorra, Austria, France and the Czech Republic through the national railway throughout the day; service is available every few minutes. With the Inter-Rail pass, travellers may travel to over 30 European countries. More than six months of residency is required to take use of this service.

Customs-Free Goods

Customs duty-free access to alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cigarettes, and coffee and tea should be extended to visitors, not the items themselves. Make sure you know the weight restriction before transporting these items. It's best to stay away from anything that hasn't been preserved.

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