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European Travel Tips: The Netherlands

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Title : European Travel Tips: The Netherlands
link : European Travel Tips: The Netherlands

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European Travel Tips: The Netherlands

European Travel Tips The Netherlands


The Country's History

Even though the summers are mild, the winters can be harsh, with a good chance of snow. Any month of the year can expect rain. This is a Dutch-speaking country. Other languages spoken include English, French, and German, with the latter being the most widely used. In the event of a crisis, dial 112.


The most common way to greet someone is with a handshake. If you're taking a taxi or eating at a restaurant, it's customary to leave a tip. When invited to a meal, bring a small gift to the host's home. On a daily basis, people can get away with wearing jeans and t-shirts, but formal attire is expected at social events and upscale dining establishments.

European Travel Tips The Netherlands


Delft, Makkum, and Workum pottery is essential. Silverware from Schoonhoven, crystals from Leerdam and diamonds from Amsterdam are highly recommended.

Observing the Scenery

Apenheul Primate Park is a place to visit which is a home to more than thirty species of mammals. It remains closed during the winter. De Hoge Veluwe is the oldest and largest park of Holland. Bicycles can be used to explore the 5,500 hectares of the park. Paleis Het Loo is a magnificent Palace surrounded by gardens and remains open year round except on public holidays.


230 V and 50 Hz

European Travel Tips The Netherlands

The national airline that operates in Holland is KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines. It connects to almost all the major cities of Europe, North America and Asia. Amsterdam Airport is the hub for many international and local flights. It's about a 15-kilometer drive from downtown, but the rail only takes around 20 minutes. Some of the city's most popular hotels are served by KLM's shuttle service, which runs every 15 to 30 minutes and brings travelers to their destinations. To go to your final location, you can use a public bus. Both Amsterdam Central Station and Zuid Station are easily accessible by train. It is possible to take a taxi to any point in the world. Duty-free stores, banks, showers, a business center, infant rooms, and automobile rental are all available at the airport.

There are two major airports within 8 kilometers of the city: Rotterdam's and Eindhoven's. Passengers may go to their accommodations every 15 minutes by train or bus. These airports provide amenities such as duty-free shopping, restaurants, vehicle rentals, and the internet. All of these airports do not impose a departure charge on travelers.

Hook of Holland, Vlissingen, and Rotterdam are the three main marine ports of the Netherlands. P&O ferries and DFDS seaways offer ferry service to Holland.

Eurostar delivers the greatest service and links to all of Europe's main cities while traveling by train. Exceptional services are offered by this business. To take advantage of these deals, it's important to keep an eye out for them on a regular basis. Tickets that have not been used can simply be reimbursed. For unlimited second-class rail travel throughout 29 European nations, purchase an Inter-Rail pass.

The Netherlands has an excellent road network that connects it to the majority of European cities. The roads are well-kept and there are several warning signs in place. On highways, the speed limit is 120 kph. If you decide to hire a car, there are several automobile-dealing agents available. Avis, Europcar, and Budget are among them.

A major mode of transportation in Holland, cycling is an everyday part of life. Tourists can pay a deposit to rent bicycles at the airport or through other service providers.

Customs-Free Goods

100 cigarillos or 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco

50g of scent and 250ml eau de toilette are included

Non-sparkling wine and non-sparkling spirits are included in this recipe.

4. 100 grams of tea, or 40 grams of tea extract, is required.

2.200 g of coffee extract or 500g of coffee

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